moonrakeneedleview The Garden of Cyrus conehead

"Moon Rake" is an idea for a performance based on the writing of Thomas Browne, much of which was pirated in his lifetime (Religico Medici in 1644) Claire Preston notes in her essay, 'Thomas Browne and the Writing of Early Modern Science' (Cambridge University Press) that Browne's tolerance in response to the theft of his work can be seen as a defining characteristic of his writing, which was intended as a form of social interaction and civil behaviour. Considering this, and the emphasis on the transience of human endeavour (found particularly in 'Urne Burial') I plan to make a performance in which I will steal from and write out sections of Browne's text on the pavements of Norwich, using a rake with a piece of chalk attached. 


Wearing a high visibility jacket, I hope to resemble a community service gardener or warden, who has invented a quiet means of protest, leaving a slow trail of graffiti in my wake. 

Perhaps some of those curious enough to look will discover Browne's voice for the first time, written on the streets of the town in which he lived, and those who know his work might enjoy seeing familiar passages contextualised in this way. The work is made in light of the highly anti-social police response to recent protests in London, and the suggestion by some councils that those sentenced to do community service be 'shamed' by wearing high visibility clothing.