sallytree300 The Garden of Cyrus gamewatchers

Sally and Sally have been working individually, with other artists and now together, addressing social issues through events and situations in public spaces, interactive live art and installations in gallery/non-gallery spaces.

We engage with the general public, inviting them to take part in activities that include rituals and cultural beliefs, whether asking passers-by to join a paper-chain garland of wishes (Chain 08), to consider who controls the production and display of culture (Where's the Art? 08) or to explore the meanings of words and the places where we leave comments (She's Lost Control 08).


5 - A Game of Chance

5 is a game played with passers-by outside the ancient Dragon Hall in Norwich. 5 refers to Thomas Browne’s fascination with life, death and the number 5 and the exploration of un-spoken acknowledgements and rituals that we live by, which reveal the essence of community.

We will use 5 items for the game: epitaphs as a platform for interpreting the texts, cards for participation from the public, a sculptural urn and headstone as points of debate on burial or cremation and recording equipment to make a record of contemporary society’s interpretation of a debate that Browne was having in the 17th Century.

lattice medium