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dominique rey

at the Undercroft, Dragon Hall

4 July & 7-11 July

"The bravery of this paradise"

Dominique has created four sandblasted fragile glass constructions that have been etched with 17th to 19th century Persian textile designs. The structures are architectural, modernist shapes yet have the floral etching making them fragile in both pattern and form. The pieces are based on the formal yet floral quadrapartile Persian gardens which are in turn based on paradise. The sculptures revision gardens which no longer exist and the interjection of architecture reiterates this extinction.

In addition to the sculpture, two video projections bring together moths and lights in a representation of the fatal love affair between moth and flame.



The exhibition is based on the writings of Sir Thomas Browne. Sir Thomas Browne (1605-1682) was a poetic writer living in Norfolk in the seventeenth century who was interested in diverse ideas of paradise, nature’s order, mortality and the fragility of life. As one of his own points of departure Browne used the starting point of the quadrapartile garden - Cyrus' garden - to illustrate eclectic ideas and beleifs in an age where science, reason and progress dominated.

A companion piece to this exhibition, The House is Black, was exhibited at Salthouse Church, North Norfolk, in July 2009.

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