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  "Many were florists who knew not the true use of a flower"  

Olga Jürgenson has enjoyed an interesting journey from her Fine Art education focusing on Socialist Realism in St. Petersburg, Russia to working as a contemporary new media and installation artist in the UK. Jürgenson has held several solo exhibitions and has participated in group exhibitions across Europe, The Far East, Africa and Australia.

These include: ‘Wind Art’ Festival in Seoul (South Korea), ‘Global Fusion 2005’ in Melbourne (Australia), ‘Paradise in Bunker’ in Kunstbunker Tumulka, Munich (Germany), ‘Compilation Europe’ in Vienna (Austria), ‘The Good and the Bad’, as a part of Liverpool Biennial, UK, ‘All St. Petersburg’ in St. Petersburg, Russian Cultural Institute in Vienna, Austria; City Gallery in Tallinn, Estonia; Borey Arts Centre in St Petersburg, Russia, Peterborough Museum and Art Gallery in the UK.


Naturally, Artificially, Mystically...

Quotes from The Garden of Cyrus are taken out of context in order to sound more odd, profound and often poetic. These phrases have been turned into plaques, similar to the modern Health and Safety Signs, but in non standard colours and placed on the walls of buildings in Kings Street.

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