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Solo Works
I muse over my possessions and literally sort out my affairs in public
Presented at The Assembly Rooms - Northants - April 2008
Presented at the Sandfield Theatre as part of Dance 4 Sharing Platform - Nottingham - May 2008

'STILL MOVING MOVING STILL' (Working title) An exploration of poetics with colour, sound and movement
In development - Presented at National Centre of Dance of Bucharest - March 2009



I invite one member of the public at a time for a 'Heart to Heart' and to rest his/her ear on my chest to hear a soundtrack.
This soundtrack is specially composed to explore the words, 'our bodies are the memories of your ancestors' and ideas surrounding this.
It will be a sort of journey in time with voices of different ages, the myths and 'hear says' the stories and life events of my ancestors, environment sounds of different eras, and sound of bodies, heart beat, whispers, claps and so on...
Those sounds and words heard from my chest will act as 'the voices in the wall'.


lattice medium